Bellingham, Washington --- My Lifeboat for 2007
Last Update: Monday, October 23, 2017

JANUARY 12, 2008 ... The Lifeboat Runs Aground
Little did I anticipate that after one year that it would end this way.

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As I sit in my lifeboat, I can see the Canadian "shoreline." God has given me two oars to get there. As I flail them in the water and try to control the watery turmoil around me, I can only hope that I'm making progress towards that shore. Or am I at the mercy of others? I am. The winds. The currents. The powers that be. I have cast myself out here. I must deal with it. My arms are so tired. The future is calling. My friends and family encourage me. Try. Keep trying, Andrew. Before achieving your objective, there is always hope!

Maybe I should join the other Andrew Burg in California (his wife's name is also Barbara !?!?) His 15 minutes of fame.

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There are 3 short & humorous videos on the 2006 Great Canadian Trans-Continental Migration Travelogue page that I want to share as my lifeboat drifts on & until I arrive in BC.

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