The 2006 Great Canadian Trans-Continental Migration Travelogue - December 2006

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Driving Across Canada     It's A Long Trip Alone

COMING SOME DAY: Google Earth Waypoints File (all images geo-indexed) Sample: Route 201, Saskatchewan

Look Up North (cool northern Canada marketing)

Google Earth (Routes) KMZ

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Hoover: March 2008 ... still waiting for Master to come driving home in a white Suburban?

Or waiting for TJ to return?

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Am I there yet?     Ron James on British Columbia

Origin of the name Canada (Kanata)

History of the Confederation of the Dominion of Canada

Last Update: Monday, September 04, 2017

Did you know that Canada has only one international border? With the USA. The rest is waterfront on 3 of the world�s 4 oceans.  Physiography of British Columbia.

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Four route options.
Only one choice.
Progress Map (image only) Progress Map (clickable) O Canada (short video) Contact Me 1 2
3 4 Complete Journey Video (50� Mb MP4 Video) 5 6 Day 0 D-Day Minus 1 7 Day 1 D-Day: Charlotte, NC Kernersville, NC Fayetteville, NC 8 Day 2 Fayetteville, NC Toms River, NJ 9 Day 3 Toms River, NJ
10 Day 4 Toms River, NJ 11 Day 5 Toms River, NJ 12 Day 6 Toms River, NJ   Montreal, QC 13 Day 7  Montreal, QC Ottawa, ON North Bay, ON 14 Day 8  North Bay, ON Subury Sault St. Marie Wawa, ON 15 Day 9  Wawa, ON Thunder Bay  Ignace, ON 16 Day 10  Ignace, ON Northwest Angle SIDE TRIP, MN Winnipeg, MB
17 Day 11  Winnipeg, MB Regina, SK Moose Jaw, SK 18 Day 12  Moose Jaw, SK  Medicine Hat Lethbridge, AB Fernie, BC 19 Day 13  Fernie, BC 20 Day 14  Fernie, BC Cranbrook   Creston / Kokanee Nelson, BC 21 Day 15  Nelson, BC Osoyoos Hope Vancouver, BC 22 Day 16  Vancouver, BC   Point Roberts, WA 23
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