Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, June 13-20, 2008

UPDATED: 09/04/2017

After canceling my SeaTac-to-LAX flight yesterday, Alaska Airlines canceled me a second time today. So here I am trying to fly on a Friday the thirteenth. The only connection to Los Cabos was via DFW with a 9pm arrival, three hours later than desired. Since it'll be dark, there's no way to hitch hike (I spent yesterday's 'free' day making up signs and other preparations) up to Los Barriles to meet Cecil, Barbara and Meredith. That means renting a second car for one night. Videos
Friday, June 13

Saturday, June 14

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Trip Map
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Missions of Baja History
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Off I go for one week to clear my head, feel the warm rays of the summer sun on the Tropic of Cancer and do a little networking for Baja job opportunities. Yacht Spotting

Beautiful 80 degree weather with strong winds all week long. Who would have thought that in June? Photographs

aaa_baja.jpg (6222791 bytes) aaa01.jpg (349224 bytes) bcs_topo.jpg (3013694 bytes)
baja2008_115.jpg (272649 bytes)


Ever wonder why Los Cabos and other select Mexican destinations come into being and grow like crazy? It's not luck or coincidence. It's all very well-planned. Thanks to Fonatur, the "institution responsible for the planning and development of sustainable tourism projects." And with respect to the Baja Peninsula specifically, there is the vision of the Escalera Nautica, the Nautical Ladder --- a mega project.


Video Clips

File Name / Description File Run Time (mm:ss) File Size (Mb)
June 14, Los Barriles 1:04 5½±
June 15, East Cape Beach 00:23
June 15, East Cape Drive 1:36
June 15, East Cape Paul Clark House 00:32 2¾±
June 15, Via del Palmar 00:20 1¾±
June 17, Via del Palmar 00:32 2¾±
June 17, Pacific Drive 1:04 5½±
June 17, La Paz at Night 00:32 2¾±
June 19, Solmar Resort 1:04 5½±
June 20, Los Cabos Airport 00:32 2¾±
June 21, Picking Up Taco 00:20 1¾±

Yacht Spotting

Yacht spotting with Google Earth (some people have way too much time on their hands).



More Photos

At Vancouver Shipyards, she has also been moored in Coal Harbour.


A Look At 20 Of The World’s Most Staggering Yachts 

baja2008_118.jpg (841165 bytes)First we were told this mega yacht belonged to golf pro Greg Norman (wrong). 

We couldn't read the name or helicopter tail number (N165WC)or make out the flag (turns out to be Cayman Islands).

On the shuttle van ride to Los Cabos airport, some guy told me quite confidently that it belonged to America's largest Honda/Lexus dealer in Orange County, California (wrong).

Check out this helicopter aerial YouTube video from Puerto los Cabos, the new marina in San José del Cabo.

Though not the longest, biggest or most expensive, this might just be the most stalked & photographed yacht in the world. List of Mega Yachts

Starting with the incorrect first assumption, it took some googling images and different key work searches (such as "Greg Norman yacht") and then searching with this one guy's website using the search tool on his website and the keyword "yacht" where he had a link. Then simply read the caption and googled again.

She is the Attessa --- 226 feet, purchased in 2003 by US billionaire Dennis Washington, built in 1998 in the Netherlands, christened as the Aviva, flagged in Cayman Islands, with a crew of 15, lengthened and refurbished in Vancouver, BC after a fire. More links to her are at left.


Friday, June 13

Bellingham to Seattle flight (20 minutes), looking down on "our" beach, the waterfront and Squalicum Harbor.

baja2008_101.jpg (253912 bytes) baja2008_102.jpg (262330 bytes) baja2008_103.jpg (244494 bytes)

baja2008_104.jpg (235145 bytes)Seattle to Dallas, looking at Mount Rainier.


Arriving in Los Barriles at 10:35 pm, just five minutes later than I predicted 14 hours earlier in Bellingham.

Car reservation? What car reservation? I don't need no stinkin' car reservation.

baja2008_105.jpg (250989 bytes) baja2008_106.jpg (222932 bytes) baja2008_107.jpg (280140 bytes) baja2008_108.jpg (235446 bytes)Fishing/panga fleet at sunrise.
Travel House Inn guest John Mitchell baja2008_097.jpg (238783 bytes) baja2008_111.jpg (279376 bytes) baja2008_096.jpg (306940 bytes) baja2008_113.jpg (302279 bytes) baja2008_112.jpg (297622 bytes)
baja2008_109.jpg (270934 bytes) baja2008_110.jpg (247649 bytes)
Saturday, June 14

Los Cabos airport, hoping to pickup Lacey from Monterrey and return one car.

baja2008_114.jpg (277413 bytes) baja2008_116.jpg (263034 bytes)
El Arco, The Arch. losarcos1a.jpg (417455 bytes) losarcos2a.jpg (540830 bytes) Medium size losarcos1.jpg (1519605 bytes) Large size
Lovers Beach & a few more fews of El Arco. lovers_beach.jpg (334278 bytes) el_arco1.jpg (1304181 bytes) el_arco2.jpg (1245450 bytes) el_arco2a.jpg (1056885 bytes) el_arco2b.jpg (884766 bytes)
Villa del Palmar resort in Cabo San Lucas. baja2008_117.jpg (264436 bytes) baja2008_119.jpg (263662 bytes) baja2008_122.jpg (934097 bytes) baja2008_120.jpg (862889 bytes) baja2008_121.jpg (938706 bytes)
Sunday, June 15

Rent a topless Jeep. Drive out to the East Cape to meet with land developer/builder Paul Clark who is another Google Earth Baja Missions aficionado.


baja2008_123.jpg (257959 bytes) baja2008_124.jpg (258836 bytes) baja2008_130.jpg (260637 bytes) baja2008_136.jpg (288987 bytes)Jumped out of my flip-flop when I almost stepped on this rattlesnake.
His house on a bluff. paul_clark_house.jpg (602322 bytes)
His 360º view. paul_clark_view.jpg (279486 bytes)
mapa_cabo_este.jpg (234065 bytes)Castillo de Arena "subdivision." baja2008_166.jpg (280456 bytes) baja2008_167.jpg (256938 bytes) baja2008_164.jpg (275030 bytes) baja2008_168.jpg (292004 bytes) baja2008_165.jpg (261619 bytes)
The views & vista of the Baja East Cape. baja2008_137.jpg (270959 bytes) baja2008_138.jpg (279428 bytes) baja2008_139.jpg (270423 bytes) baja2008_150.jpg (261081 bytes)
Outside is open to inside, no doors, including kitchen and main living area. Bedrooms are along open, outdoor verandas and ARE locked. baja2008_141.jpg (266991 bytes) baja2008_142.jpg (241102 bytes) baja2008_143.jpg (252785 bytes) baja2008_140.jpg (270813 bytes)You must be solar powered in Baja. There are NO UTILITIES. With sunshine, you can create 110 voltage, desalinate salt water, heat your water, watch TV, pump gasoline or water and communicate with satellites and the occasional microwave relay tower.
Inside kitchen, living room. baja2008_147.jpg (283097 bytes) baja2008_148.jpg (260234 bytes) baja2008_146.jpg (254490 bytes) baja2008_144.jpg (251776 bytes) baja2008_145.jpg (235284 bytes)
Rooftop terrace. Waited for two hours. Lots of sunshine. Got tanned all over. But no homeowner ever showed up. Time to go. baja2008_162.jpg (254010 bytes) baja2008_163.jpg (265544 bytes)
Real estate "lotes" for sale east_cape.jpg (508295 bytes)
Estate mansion next door for sale. baja2008_173.jpg (383258 bytes)
View from the desolate beach. baja2008_174.jpg (253592 bytes)
Livestock ... don't drive at night! livestock.jpg (586896 bytes) baja2008_179.jpg (229532 bytes) baja2008_184.jpg (259626 bytes)
"Restaurant" --- note the fancy advertising vs. the reality. Now that's truth in advertising. Stop to buy a couple of Pacificos and keep driving south on the coast road. crossroads.jpg (131196 bytes) baja2008_183.jpg (277900 bytes)
East Cape (cabo) coast road. baja2008_189.jpg (295621 bytes) baja2008_185.jpg (280770 bytes) baja2008_186.jpg (271977 bytes)
"The rural road from La Ribera to San José del Cabo, constructed for the federal government and for the benefit of the community. Put in service May 1984."
baja2008_188.jpg (269232 bytes) baja2008_187.jpg (264820 bytes)
Sea of Cortez from the East Cape road. coast_road.jpg (890074 bytes)
Now this is funny. I guess Mexicans do have a sense of humor ... on an unpaved  washboard dirt road --- speed bumps (topes)? I love it! baja2008_196.jpg (275927 bytes) baja2008_197.jpg (260893 bytes) baja2008_198.jpg (241611 bytes) baja2008_201.jpg (275668 bytes) baja2008_204.jpg (270866 bytes)
Magnificent desolation and yet fairly well habitated. Beautiful homes abound --- all OFF THE GRID.

Location of Homes
Set terrain = 2x for best effect.  


baja2008_199.jpg (273324 bytes) baja2008_200.jpg (265642 bytes) baja2008_205.jpg (274288 bytes) baja2008_202.jpg (446287 bytes)
Beautiful evening and a full moon. baja2008_206.jpg (310501 bytes) baja2008_207.jpg (304030 bytes) baja2008_208.jpg (2124027 bytes) baja2008_209.jpg (2102644 bytes) 
Same fishing boat, next morning. baja2008_210.jpg (245169 bytes)
Monday, June 16  
Carnival Cruise ship Elation arrives mid morning and parks itself right in the line of view of Land's End, Los Arcos. baja2008_211.jpg (835038 bytes) baja2008_212.jpg (823253 bytes) baja2008_220.jpg (273089 bytes) baja2008_217.jpg (227876 bytes) baja2008_219.jpg (265442 bytes)
Carnival Cruise ship Elation leaving in the late afternoon. baja2008_221.jpg (253055 bytes) baja2008_222.jpg (257027 bytes) baja2008_224.jpg (270526 bytes)
Another "cattle call" that I passed up. The "booby" view from our interior balcony. baja2008_225.jpg (265016 bytes) baja2008_226.jpg (289253 bytes) baja2008_226a.jpg (260799 bytes) baja2008_227.jpg (267355 bytes)
Carnival Cruise ship Elation joined by a Norwegian Cruise lines ship. ships.jpg (469903 bytes)
Give us this day our daily yellow birdie. And lead us not into parasailing. Amen. baja2008_234.jpg (266108 bytes) baja2008_235.jpg (261796 bytes) baja2008_233.jpg (255934 bytes) baja2008_232.jpg (264191 bytes)
Got the car stuck in a sandy arroyo at El Migrino and flagged down a Mexican four-wheeler guide to push start me out before heading back to my regular beach at kilometer 84 for a few silent relaxing hours. baja2008_236.jpg (265641 bytes) baja2008_237.jpg (266850 bytes) baja2008_238.jpg (258833 bytes) baja2008_239.jpg (248957 bytes) baja2008_240.jpg (267469 bytes)
baja2008_241.jpg (271240 bytes) baja2008_242.jpg (279963 bytes) baja2008_243.jpg (252547 bytes) baja2008_244.jpg (251580 bytes) baja2008_245.jpg (251742 bytes)
Then it was off to La Paz (late as usual by 90 minutes) to visit Max & Louisa Lenoy in hopes being introduced to the owner of Salsipuedes restaurant and possible connections to construction contacts. baja2008_246.jpg (259503 bytes) baja2008_247.jpg (234332 bytes) baja2008_248.jpg (276218 bytes)
Quick stop at a roadside stand to make a friend and buy some place mats for Barbara.
Land development everywhere! Even in little old Cerritos Beach that used to have nothing more than a surf shop hut and a bunch of people camping on the beach. baja2008_250.jpg (242320 bytes) baja2008_251.jpg (262060 bytes) baja2008_249.jpg (241070 bytes) baja2008_250.jpg (242320 bytes)
cerritos1a.jpg (636175 bytes) cerritos2a.jpg (885409 bytes)
Almost the entire stretch of Highway 19 between Todos Santos and Highway 1 is being widened to four lanes. And atypical to the usual three guys and one bulldozer on this 30-mile segment, there were dozens of pieces of equipment and hundreds of workers along all sections of the highway. WOW! baja2008_252.jpg (247214 bytes) baja2008_253.jpg (259162 bytes) baja2008_254.jpg (268474 bytes)
This is a hazardous drive during daylight: narrow lanes, trucks a half meter over the line (when there is one), little or no warning when workers are on the pavement, etc.
baja2008_255.jpg (258006 bytes) baja2008_256.jpg (269537 bytes)
Full moon over La Paz and the bay at night. baja2008_257.jpg (291241 bytes) baja2008_258.jpg (286869 bytes) baja2008_259.jpg (280856 bytes) baja2008_260.jpg (299585 bytes) baja2008_261.jpg (293187 bytes)
baja2008_262.jpg (275149 bytes) baja2008_263.jpg (278727 bytes) baja2008_264.jpg (279941 bytes)
Full moon over the Pacific on a late night ride home. This hazardous drive becomes a "white knuckle" drive after nightfall. Got back to the Villa del Palmar just before midnight. baja2008_265.jpg (262079 bytes) baja2008_266.jpg (309678 bytes) baja2008_267.jpg (299978 bytes)
Tuesday, June 17
Santa Maria area will look quite different next year. There is a 100+ acre development project being graded by earth movers right now. santa_maria.jpg (308307 bytes)
Pirate ships, sailboats and motor yachts alike struggle against the strong wind and powerful waves around Santa Maria point heading back to Cabo San Lucas. It's actually too windy to put up the sails. baja2008_272.jpg (255870 bytes) baja2008_273.jpg (278829 bytes) baja2008_274.jpg (263285 bytes) baja2008_218.jpg (242531 bytes)Driving off to Santa Maria beach by myself for a few hours.
Rush hour on the water. Some of the fishing fleet. baja2008_275.jpg (845889 bytes)
Full moon over Cabo San Lucas after an afternoon haircut and an evening out by myself, I decided to skip the cab fair and walk back to the Villa del Palmar, about 2 kilometers. Very nice. baja2008_276.jpg (285931 bytes) baja2008_277.jpg (253926 bytes) baja2008_278.jpg (206591 bytes) baja2008_279.jpg (223143 bytes)
Wednesday, June 18  
When we arrived here in September 1993, Barbara, TJ and I stayed in this little motel for the week for $25 per night. Simple, poor, but clean, it worked.

 A touch of "Montezuma's revenge" but nothing too bad. Just need to be near a toilet when nature calls.

baja2008_280.jpg (268359 bytes)I cannot believe after 15 years of rampant development (click Fonatur links at the top of this page) that it is still here. And the empty shell of a concrete building a few doors down? It's still here too. Although it no longer rents red ATV's. We bought our first timeshare on that trip, unit F-151 at the Solmar Suites. They said it would be built on that pile of sand over there. Just pay us using your credit card and sign this Mexican, non-refundable contract. Hasta la vista, baby. But wouldn't you know it? It got built. And so did other buildings. And it's been the greatest purchase (retreat) I've ever made. I'll get around to cropping scanned images and creating a webpage from that 3,000-mile road trip one day when time permits. What an awesome trip.
Impossible homes being constructed on the hillsides of exclusive Pedregal portion of town. baja2008_281.jpg (268770 bytes) baja2008_282.jpg (275442 bytes) baja2008_283.jpg (268819 bytes) baja2008_288.jpg (255875 bytes) baja2008_287.jpg (261979 bytes)
And high-rises on the main Medano beachfront!


medano_beach.jpg (554898 bytes) 
Mexican Naval Base property ... "NOT for sale."  baja2008_284.jpg (264978 bytes) 
Thursday, June 19
A little quiet time at the Solmar resort. I headed back up to Km 84 on the road to Todos Santos (Highway 19) for my own piece of privacy and quiet time. I really should have driven a bit further and explored Cerritos Beach Club baja2008_289.jpg (256391 bytes)But how was I to know that I'd be sitting next to the developer on the flight to San Diego tomorrow? solmar06.jpg (296047 bytes)
The Solmar really is unique. Totally different from the rest of Cabo. Crashing surf. Too rough to swim. Cold water. Cold cervesas and margaritas. Okay, some things are the same. baja2008_290.jpg (258522 bytes) baja2008_291.jpg (258369 bytes) baja2008_098.jpg (121491 bytes) baja2008_099.jpg (115005 bytes)
Around town and coming back from Km 84 on the newly widened Highway 19 north of town.  baja2008_292.jpg (264357 bytes) baja2008_294.jpg (261820 bytes) baja2008_299.jpg (254152 bytes)
Note the huge power poles that run about 10 Km north of town to a huge substation where it all ends. Where to they make the power? Must be oil tankers off shore. baja2008_293.jpg (258818 bytes)
The two main colonias, wections of town, where the workers live, have grown dramatically, many coming from mainland Mexico in search of jobs and good wages. And also many illegal aliens from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador. baja2008_295.jpg (253088 bytes) baja2008_296.jpg (248589 bytes) baja2008_298.jpg (253454 bytes)
El Faro Viejo, the old light house. baja2008_297.jpg (265421 bytes)
A final quiet evening in the bay. A full moon.  baja2008_300.jpg (264688 bytes) baja2008_301.jpg (801620 bytes) baja2008_302.jpg (246348 bytes) baja2008_303.jpg (249739 bytes)
Meredith and Barbara "do the hustle" before going out. I stayed behind and had some leftovers. baja2008_304.jpg (214918 bytes) baja2008_305.jpg (231195 bytes) baja2008_306.jpg (270084 bytes) baja2008_307.jpg (272088 bytes)
Friday, June 20
Cecil has an 8am flight. He needs to be at the airport at 6am. There are no shuttle services at this hour. We get up at 5am, leave at 5:45. Ugghhh!

A little sun and reading by the upper pool. A beach walk. An 8am margarita. I finally do the pool slide through that stupid concrete whale into the lower pool and in to the hot tub.

baja2008_308.jpg (860661 bytes)Carnival Cruise ship Pride arrives very early morning. I heard three horn blasts at 5am when it was still dark. baja2008_312.jpg (256867 bytes)The new Puerto los Cabos marina in San José del Cabo as seen from the air.
I fly back to Bellingham, my house (I refuse to call it "home") via my original itinerary through San Diego via shuttle van. New, third airport terminal under construction. baja2008_310.jpg (253083 bytes) baja2008_309.jpg (246220 bytes) baja2008_311.jpg (239604 bytes) baja2008_314.jpg (929987 bytes) baja2008_315.jpg (919770 bytes)
Our former home in Pasadena, California, clearly visible from the air.
Clearing customs, I was pulled from the line and every item gone through in minute detail, paperwork and electronics included and loads of questions. Gee, I feel special. baja2008_313.jpg (833068 bytes)Beautiful Black's Beach in Torrey Pines just north of San Diego. baja2008_314a.jpg (360396 bytes) baja2008_315a.jpg (261904 bytes)
baja2008_316.jpg (447849 bytes)Mono Lake, California. I also saw Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. baja2008_318.jpg (811571 bytes)Snow again. Mount Rainier.
A two-hour wait at SeaTac for a 20-minute flight to Bellingham. I ate in the terminal and dozed off on the flight.  baja2008_317.jpg (482743 bytes)Beautiful sunset wingtip on Alaska Airlines over Oregon. 
Saturday, June 21

Barbara & Meredith return home.

Picking up Taco video

flight_aa732_sjd_dfw_20080621_1218.jpg (255046 bytes) flight_aa644_dfw_clt_20080621_1734.jpg (284787 bytes)

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