Bellingham Volunteering Trip

April 21 - 24, 2010

Just a quick, full, productive,  action-packed trip to have several working meetings with four organizations, do some manual labor,  attend a career fair and see as many friends as I could squeeze into four days, sunup to sundown.
April 21

April 22

April 23

April 24

April 21
Light rail parking fiasco half way to LAX.

A beautiful day & flight in. Until we got to landing and below the (ugh!) clouds & rain.

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From BLI, via Irene to Dr. Fuhrmeister and WECU. It's already hectic. 2-6 pm working meeting meeting (action plan, flowchart) with Irene, Joy, Mike re: Whatcom Re-Entry Coalition pilot project (furniture) and Joy Institute. 6:30 to see Frank, Beth, Mitch who so graciously offered me their extra bedroom for 3 nights. 
April 22
9:00 Colophone Cafe mtg. w/ John B. re: Chuckanut Ridge distribution of media CD

9:30 Colophone Cafe mtg. w/ Irene, Joy, Adam

11:00 Village Books lunch mtg. w/ Irene, Joy

1:15 career fair at Western Washington University

2:00 Responsible Development fund-raising CD meeting with John B, MaryAnn, Jon S

3:45  Boundary Bay Brewery BBQ, collaborate with Jon S about continued organized  opposition to Chuckanut Ridge.

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4:15 Don Kirchner award at Boundary Bay Brewery beer garden w/ Irene, Karen for his books, writings and speaking about Whatcom Re-Entry Coalition

Also received my own certificate of Appreciation from Whatcom Re-Entry Coalition

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5:30 Downtown Bellingham walkabout before going to a radio performance.


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The burned out Whatcom Middle School apr22_131.jpg (613219 bytes) apr22_130.jpg (664693 bytes) Ref.:,0,5530416.story

Status, updates, pictures ...

7:30 Attend the Chuckanut Radio Hour at the Leopold Ballroom where Beth was singing with her group during intermissions
April 23
8:45 Bayside Grill for breakfast with Lionel, Heidi
10:00  Amy's Place to discuss grant opportunities research & writing. Then workshop training for Cameron & Heidi  for website with June & Wendy from BWyse. apr23_111.jpg (664373 bytes) apr23_112.jpg (654058 bytes) apr23_113.jpg (624845 bytes) apr23_114.jpg (614182 bytes) apr23_115.jpg (638928 bytes)
3:30 Back to the Bayside Grill for e-mailing & phone calls. apr23_116.jpg (625254 bytes) apr23_117.jpg (653443 bytes) apr23_118.jpg (636642 bytes) apr23_119.jpg (627203 bytes) apr23_120.jpg (653574 bytes)
5:30 Back to Amy's Place to observe the Friday night activities at the new center that we setup during Christmas week 2009. apr23_121.jpg (650707 bytes) apr23_122.jpg (622863 bytes) apr23_123.jpg (627730 bytes) apr23_124.jpg (651344 bytes) apr23_125.jpg (652473 bytes)
Visit Kurt & Janet to say hello.  I'm pooped. 
April 24
Return flight at 7:00 after a short night's sleep. Uneventful & a nice day to be flying.  apr24_111.jpg (693695 bytes) apr24_112.jpg (657152 bytes) apr24_113.jpg (661585 bytes) apr24_114.jpg (677576 bytes) apr24_115.jpg (693535 bytes)
Car parking at Crenshaw station turned out to be free and not towed. Yippie.