November 11, 2010
"Strange Sky"
Strange "cloud" (airplane contrail? rocket exhaust?) in the sky just days after the news media reported a similar event over the Pacific Ocean near Catalina. I wish I'd grabbed the camera 15 minutes earlier. This thing lingered for 15 minutes before the images and another 30 afterwards. Trailing from east to west, it covered nearly the entire sky from horizon to horizon and looked to be very high altitude. Thoughts & comments welcome.
These 4 images are looking northwesterly. nov11_111.jpg (698320 bytes) nov11_112.jpg (653513 bytes) nov11_113.jpg (632467 bytes) nov11_114.jpg (659644 bytes)
These 3 images are looking northeasterly. nov11_115.jpg (712653 bytes) nov11_116.jpg (676238 bytes) nov11_117.jpg (633966 bytes)